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Kitchen Remodel: Part II

In Part I, we began revamping a cramped kitchen to fit the needs of a large family with household members from age 2 to 62. We addressed many of their essential needs and in Part II we begin looking at their “wants”. Whenever I am designing a space, I try to accommodate all of the homeowners “needs” within the budget.  If the budget allows, or the homeowner approves the increased cost, we can begin to incorporate the homeowners “wants” for the space.  Some of the wants that made this kitchen a truly functional space i

Kitchen Remodel: Part I

  I recently remodeled a cramped, outdated kitchen to meet the needs of a multi-generatio nal household who ranged in ages from 2 to 62. The kitchen had multiple problems including small, dark cabinets that provided very little storage space and an oven so narrow that their cookie sheets had to sli de into the grooves that held the oven racks in order for it to fit. The burners on the electric stove were lopsided causing food to burn on one side and remain undercooked on the other side. The refrigerator leaked and turnin