Value Proposition

Dream Room Designs key to success has been its ability to connect with the clients to find out about their needs, wants, and desires for their space and tailor a design that is not only visually appealing but addresses their functional requirements as well. Function is a very critical part of design an our number one priority is to address this in all of our designs whether its a space for children, the elderly, multi-generational families, people with pets, or a business setting where you need to bring your high profile clients. We do not produce cookie cutter designs nor do we push our personal design tastes on our clients. Each design is specifically tailored to the client and becomes a reflection of them.

  • We have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the design and construction process, and coordinating subcontractors, deliveries, schedules and project management.
  • On behalf of our client we are able to anticipate preempt or prevent potential problems, conflicts and stress points in a project, saving our clients time and money.
  • We are known for truly listening to our clients’ wants, needs, wish list and budget before we design.
  • We are known for creating cost effective interiors that provide a solid return on investment.
  • Our designs for environments for children and the elderly are supported by evidence-based design established through the findings from the extensive body of research.